Transforming in Real Time

Transformation requires a holistic perspective and a shift in reality from one state of existence to another. While many can speak of the mental and emotional shifts that they have travelled - it takes a unique form of energy to transform from one era to another -in real time - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This is but one example of the transformations we have  accomplished. It is not about the building -it is the story of going from those that walked by a ruin without even noticing it existed to 50,000 people entering these premises. That is real transformation in real time.

We easily accept advancements in technology, expansions into social media, and entrepreneurial growth hackers - but what does it take to see not what exists today...but the vision of what it is to become.

This is the nature of our work. It is not about architecture- this is but one example -it is about opening up to a vision in life, business, community and society - and enabling that new reality to come into meaningful existence.

Real Decisions in Real Time

Decisions we make are based on past experiences. They simply create an extrapolation of the status quo. If you are interested in making decisions that create a new reality - then SYNAP is your tool. Lawyers determining the future of their profession, doctors designing the future of medicine, pharmaceutical companies uncovering how they can make a societal difference, and communities discovering their calling in regards to representing their constituents - these are simply a handful of examples in which SYNAP transformed business as usual into a new state of reality that underpinned a better world for all.