Our Approach

We are dedicated to changing our world one decision at a time. We explore the why, what, when, and where and how you make the choices that affect your life; your family; your organization; your community and our society.

We do this with advanced ethnographic lenses on the culture in which you live; the latest research in neuroscience; and uncannily know what drives your decision making on a moment-by-moment basis.

We can tell why you are not where you want to be; and why you are; what you most want to accomplish; where you are in your growth cycle and what it will take to reach your true potential.

We can assess the nature of your strategy, your culture, your productivity, your products/services, your processes and systems through the lens of your decision making patterns and processes.

Our Story

For the past four decades, we have worked with thousands of people and hundreds of organizations to uncover the REAL drivers of decisions that produce both success and failure.

We are experts in uncovering mental models, belief systems, emotional programs and habitual behaviours that maintain the status quo...even when people THINK they are making decisions for a better outcome. We KNOW what it takes to make decisions that change reality.

We come by this knowledge from extensive experience in all sectors and a vast range of communities. We have dedicated ourselves to this awareness, intelligence and acumen because we are committed to transforming people's lives, those of their family, their organizations, their communities and the society in which we live to one that holds greater prosperity for all. We, like you, are tired and frustrated with the cyclical banter and academic rhetoric that produces little action that truly changes our world for the better.

Whether you are a Millennial, a "Y", Generational X'r, or Baby Boomer - you KNOW that you do NOT have all of the answers as to what will truly bring prosperity to you on an individual level, as a family member, as an organization (entrepreneurial or otherwise), as a wider community or  a member of our greater society.

Now is the time to look in the mirror - take a "hard look" to see if you have what it takes. And if you are truly honest with yourself...you KNOW there is more that you can do.

We can help you with that.

Meet Our Global Affiliation

Lesley Southwick-Trask

Chief Transformer

Lesley is an award-winning strategist and transformational leader. (100 Most Powerful Women in Canada; 100 Top Business Owners in Canada and Top 50 CEO’s in Atlantic Canada.) As a modern day cultural anthropologist, Lesley is now using her 45 years of slaying the corporate dragon as a voice for fundamental change. As a leading cultural transformational anthropologist and ethnographer, Lesley's specialty lies in shifting the deeply rooted patterns associated with making decisions that create fundamental change.

Ascentia Canada

Ascentia is our Canadian affiliate whose mastery lies in navigating the white waters of transformation from the industrial and information economies to the ecological and Gig reality of today.


ROCeteer is our US affiliate who focus is on entrepreneurial start-ups and growth.

This is our Australian affiliate whose mastery lies in bringing to life social, financial, community and personal formulas and models that underpin a fundamental transformation of our society.

Next Steps...

Make the call - email us at lesley@lesleysouthwicktrask.com